The global financial markets

are undergoing a decentralization revolution driven by blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are the transaction elements fueling this shift. The flexibility enabled by cryptocurrencies also makes optimal trading -- “Best Execution” -- very challenging for institutions. Are you prepared?

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Etale’s software intelligently optimizes trading across the multitude of cryptocurrency venues for institutions. Our team of experienced quantitative strategists and trading technologists applies decades of experience to solving the hardest trading execution problems for clients worldwide.

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Shiva Chaudhuri
Chief Quantitative Architect

Knight Capital, Director

Synopsis, Senior Engineer

MPI für Informatik, Assistant Professor

Intellisys, Founder

Rutgers, PhD Computer Science

Matthew Cushman

Knight Capital, Head of Quant Strategy

Citadel, Senior MD

Engineer’s Gate, Founding Portfolio Manager

University of Chicago, PhD Mathematics

Carnegie Mellon, BS/MS Mathematics & Philosophy

Schalk Steyn
Chief Technology Officer

tZero, Founding Engineer

EBS/ICAP, Senior Engineer

Barclays, Senior Engineer

AlgoPartners, Senior Engineer


Etale, Inc., derives its name from the mathematical concept of étale morphism and cohomology. Étale is an algebraic analogue of the topological concept of “covering space”, a critical concept for translating local concepts to global concepts. For us, etale captures the essence of the idea of “motives” in mathematics the underlying unity of structures found in wildly different domains.

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